Collaborating remotely is difficult without the right equipment.

When you can’t meet in person due to distance and other restrictions, it can be hard to keep working together effectively.

Interactive Smart Boards

Location Gaps

There are many travel restrictions in this current climate, and you simply don’t need those extra travel expenses for your business. 

What you need is to be able to collaborate effectively with stakeholders and clients in other locations. Without the right technology in place, you may encounter poor quality communication and important details being lost in translation.

Interactive Smart Boards

Low Engagement

It’s getting harder and harder to effectively engage your clients and employees as personal time pressure and entertainment distraction grows. Business owners may find it hard to get their message across and be heard among the constant noise that our world is made up of today. 

You need a way of cutting through and enhancing your presentations to gain maximum engagement and impact.

Smart Boards

Convenience & Flexibility

As technology advances, more flexibility is expected from Service Providers. It can be difficult keeping up with the times. More and more people are requiring digital communication options as an alternative to in-person meetings. Potential clients have come to expect the convenience that video conferencing offers, and this is something that you need to offer as a business to keep up with your competition.

It is becoming essential for Businesses to have good quality digital communication facilities.


The Benefits of Interactive Smart Boards

The amazing technology of Smart Boards has many benefits for businesses.

Video & Audio Conferencing

Take advantage of technology that makes you feel like you are in the same room as those you are video conferencing. Smart Boards are a must-have for teams who are spread across multiple locations. The video and audio quality, along with the large size of the Smart Board’s screen allow for clear communication that is almost as realistic as an in-person meeting, but much more convenient.

Sharing files & presentations

The ability to remotely share files, presentations, and the same whiteboard during your meetings allows for all team members to be on the same page. No more printing or emailing documents for meeting preparation. You don’t need to worry about attendees not being prepared, as you can have all the materials accessible directly on the Smart Board.

Training & Education

Engage on a deeper level with your clients and employees by providing the best interactive experience in your training programs. Whether you are remote or in-person, it has been found that combining verbal with visual messages increases retention rates by nearly 400%. Make the most of your training programs with Smart Boards that are equipped with the best software available for digital presentations.

Smart Boards will take your in-person and remote meetings to the next level.


Features of Interactive Smart Boards

  • 20 points of touch

  • Multiple users can interact at the same time

  • Senses the touch of a finger as a pen, a palm for erasing, and pens

  • Quick access to ink color sections and on-screen keyboard

  • Wireless screen sharing with other devices including laptops, tablets, ipads and smartphones

  • Get access to award-winning collaboration software

Interactive Smart Boards

Capture Every Idea

Encourage critical thinking and problem-solving with an Interactive Smart Board.

Remote Collaboration

Interactive Smart Boards are the perfect solution for your board meeting woes.  Our Smart Board meeting software allows you to have productive, remote meetings with colleagues and clients no matter where they are in the world. With our easy-to-use interface, you'll be able to share files, brainstorm ideas, annotate and more in real time.


Explore and capture the best ideas of your team, both remotely and in person. You can get creative and write, draw and flesh out solutions to be captured instantly on your interactive board. Never miss an idea again. Gone are the old days of taking a photo of your whiteboard to share with the team. Your interactive board can capture the creativity that occurs in your meetings and share it seamlessly.

Easy to set up and use

You're already dealing with enough stress, and the last thing you need is another device that's going to require maintenance and updates.  Online Business eSystems offers the ongoing support that you need. We provide an easy-to-use interactive touch screen that's always up-to-date and requires no additional software or hardware. Plus, our local team is available to help you with any tech issues.


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