Maintaining accurate supplier accounts is extremely time consuming

Business owners know all too well the demands of accurate accounts management.

Accounts Payable Software

Never-ending Data Entry

The data entry never ends. You often need a team of full-time employees to manage the accounts department of your business. There is no end to the number of bills that need to be processed and married up with purchase orders, delivery dockets and countless other bits of paperwork.

Human Error Accounts Payable

Human Error

The cost involved in paying staff is significant, but you can’t afford to get behind either. Even if your staff are highly competent, it’s inevitable that errors will occur. Errors often cause business interruption and require substantial man hours to find and fix.

Accounts Payable Software

Late Payments

Invoices can get lost or forgotten. The sheer amount of time it takes to process each invoice can cause suppliers to be paid late. It’s important that you have a system in place that ensures your accounts are paid on time, so that you can maintain good relationships with your suppliers.

Accounts payable is a high-stakes part of your business that must be done correctly.


Reduce man hours and accounting errors

Utilise Accounts Payable software to streamline and automate your accounts.

Accounts Automation

Many Accounts Payable processes can be streamlined and automated using new technologies. The right software can dramatically decrease the need for manual data entry. 

Save hours a day for your staff by speeding up and automating Accounts Payable tasks, approvals, and processes.

Reduce Errors

Your accounts data can be handled by powerful software with a high degree of accuracy. Manual data entry will be dramatically reduced. 

Accounts Payable software can also assist in the flow of accounts information. Invoices won’t be forgotten in people’s email inboxes. Our software will automatically route them to the correct place.

Data Matching

Streamline the entire process of Accounts Payable from Purchase Order through to delivery. At every step of the process, the relevant invoices, orders, delivery dockets and related paperwork will be linked seamlessly. All accounts payable data will be matched, organised and easily searchable.

Our Accounts Payable solution integrates with Accounting Software packages including Xero, Sharepoint and more.

Integrates with Sharepoint and Xero


Benefits of Accounts Payable Software

Always pay your suppliers on time

Reduce typing and staff man-hours

Eliminate human error

Automated approvals

Supplier invoice visibility

Automatic invoice reminders

Difficult to lose an invoice 

Integrates seamlessly with your accounting software

Integrates with Sharepoint and Xero


Some of the Common Accounts Payable Challenges

Manual invoice processing takes a huge amount of time. In contrast, automation makes average invoices processed per Accounts Payable employee increase by roughly 5 times.

In other words, if an AP department can manually process 1,000 invoices per employee each month, automation can bring that number up to 5,000 per employee.

There is typically a high volume of paper associated with the Accounts Payable process, resulting in:

Poor Data Entry

  • Manually entering data from invoices into the computer is time-consuming and mistake-prone

  • Time delays in hours or days

  • Business process slows down or stops

  • Staff not doing jobs consistently due to manual process

Inefficient Storage

  • Manual filing and paper storage take up huge amounts of space

  • Searching for the information you want in a manual filing system is extremely time consuming

  • If a document is mis-filed, it may become impossible to find

Slow Processing

  • Staff frustration

  • Cash flow issues

  • Suppliers placing the business on stop credit

  • Accounts payable not receiving invoices to process

Disappearing Invoices

  • Incoming invoices lost permanently or misplaced

  • Time wasted following up suppliers to reissue the invoice

  • Staff don’t realise the invoice is missing; suppliers are having to follow up for payment

  • Inconsistent paper trails when it comes to audits

Lost Money

  • Inefficient invoice processing puts you at risk for losing money

  • The longer it takes to process an invoice the higher your cost-per-invoice is going to be

  • Labour costs account for a large percentage of how much it costs to process an invoice

  • Missing out on supplier discounts

Lack of Visibility and Control

  • Paying invoices too early

  • Difficulty answering supplier queries

  • Purchasing unnecessary items

  • Paying for items not received

If your records aren’t accurate, you may make duplicate payments or overpayments.

If you fall behind on invoice processing that will also mean missing payment deadlines, this will result in late fees, which are one of the most common accounts payable problems.


Accounts Payable Automation

AP Automation, How it Works

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